Yury Shutov

Yury Shutov


Y.Shutov was born in Kemerovo (Russia)
1966-1971 studied at the Department of Arts of Teachers Training College named after Karl Marx
1971-1974 assistant lecturer at the Chair of Drawing of the Department of Arts of Teachers of Training College
since 1974 a free lance
since 1977 member of the USSR Union (since 1991-member of the Russian Union of Painters), Member of International Association of UNESCO
since 2001 lives in Hamburg
                  Participation in exhibitions

since 1974 member of District Arts exhibitions
1971 "The Youth of the country". A Republican exhibition, Moscow
1972 The Soviet Still life". A Republican exhibition, Moscow
1974 The 4th Regional exhibition"The painters of the Central districts of Russia", Ivanovo
1985 The 7th Regional exhibition "The Painters of the Non-Black Zone", Kostroma
1988 Exhibition of Smolensk painters in Bryansk(Russia)
1989 Exhibition  of Smolensk painters in Dnepropetrovsk
1990 Exhibition of Smolensk painters in Vitebsk
1991 Inter-republican exhibition "Monuments of Motherland in the works of painters of Russia, Belorussia and Ukrain", Minsk
1994 Exhibition of Smolensk painters in Moscow, CHA
1995 Exhibition of Smolensk painters in Hagen (Germany) 
1997 The 8th Regional exhibition "The Painters of Central districts of Russia", Moscow
2000 Regional exhibition "Time. Space. Man", Gagarin
2002 Gallery "Image" in Hamburg
2004 The 3d Regional exhibition of the Guild  of painters in Pinneberg (Germany)
2005 District Exhibition of Smolensk painters (Smolensk Exhibition Hall)

1985 Smolensk Union of painters
1995 molensk Exhibition Hall
2000 Ska-Bank", Smolensk
2005 Therapeutic-rehabilitation Centre "Tabea", Hamburg
2006 Management of churches, Hamburg-Harburg City Library of Hamburg-Harburg
2006 City Library of Hamburg-Harburg
2007 Printing house Buhman,Hamburg-Harburg

Pictures of Y.Shutov can be found in private collections in Russia,The USA,France,Israel, Belarus and Germany